Northern Rockies Regional Center, LLC

In order to assist in the launch of SWTCI as a Regional Center, the Northern Rockies
Regional Center is helping manage the SWTCI on a near-term basis and
assist in project development and financing.

Managing Director, Edward J. Wetherbee, is a principal of CVM Funds, a investment and business development partner in the Northern Rockies Regional Center (NRRC). The prior CVM Funds supported more than 60 companies in 25 years, with primary locations in Colorado, New Mexico, and Montana. He is currently co-developer of $225 million mixed-use river-front real estate development project in the heart of Missoula, Montana.

Wetherbee was a developer and president of three environmentally friendly natural gas fired electrical co-generation projects, and president of an agribusiness company growing premium produce in greenhouses, supplying large regional distribution centers.

He is currently on the Executive Committee and is the recent past-chairman of the Montana Academy of Distinguished Entrepreneurs (MADE), which supports the University of Montana Entrepreneurship program.

Managing Director, Arnold E. Sherman, is an internationally recognized expert in new market strategies and has worked and traveled in more than 90 countries. Since 1987, Sherman has served as president of Global Development Services, Inc., an international representational and advisory firm. Sherman is the founder and former chairman of the American Center for International Leadership, the premier organization for introducing emerging leaders of the world to their counterparts, particularly in developing democracies.
He served as the Executive Director of the Montana World Trade Center and as Adjunct Professor of the School of Business Administration at The University of Montana from 1997-2014.

Counsel to Northern Rockies Regional Center, LLC, Brandon Meyer, is Principal of Meyer Law Group, a full service immigration firm located in San Francisco, California. Mr. Meyer received his Juris Doctorate (Law) degree from The University of San Diego School of Law, his Masters of Arts in East Asian Studies from George Washington University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from American University. Mr Meyer is a member in good standing of the Bar of the State of Connecticut and the District of Columbia. He is also the author of several noteworthy articles on business immigration and EB-5.